Workers in front of Zuppardo Fruit Store

Here at Zuppardo’s, we have carried on the tradition of fast & friendly service. We offer the fastest checkout in town without the hassle of long lines, because we know how valuable your time is! We will also take all those groceries out to the car for you, and carefully pack them in your trunk. Our professional staff is always eager to assist you in any way possible. We take the hassle out of your shopping experience by purchasing our groceries for the lowest prices possible and then passing those deals on to you. At Zuppardo’s we know that price is important to you, not just on one or two specials, but by getting the best value possible for your weekly grocery shopping needs!

Zuppardo’s Family Supermarket is the oldest self-service supermarket in the New Orleans area. We have been a family tradition for over (5) generations. Family owned and operated ,working together with dedicated employees to provide superior products and memorable service.


Our History


Local Since 1929! It all started with a cart…

The Zuppardo family came to America from Camp Reale, Italy in 1920. Peter Zuppardo started working for the United Fruit company selling bananas. He was promoted to a management position and later started his own banana importing company. His first employee was his elder son Tony, who started selling bananas on his bicycle and then progressed to a mule, named Maggie, and wagon. Tony later set up a fruit stand on the corner of Gentilly and Elysian Fields in New Orleans where the company would eventually open one of the FIRST self -service supermarkets in the United States. Under the guidance of his father, Tony started the fruit stand in 1929.


It was truly a family affair. It didn’t take long for the public to realize Tony had the best fresh, local, and HIGH quality products at great prices. As consumers’ needs were rapidly changing, Tony was able to react to consumer demands and added other staples to his fruit stand. Soon the fruit stand grew up to become a full-fledged supermarket back in 1929. By 1950 we incorporated our business into Economical Super Market.

After WWII, Tony welcomed his younger brother Joe into the business and together they operated one of the busiest grocery stores in sales per square foot in the United States. The two brothers decided in 1960  to expand the family business into Jefferson Parish. Soon the next generation of Zuppardo family members would be graduating from college and entering the family business. Joe’s sons Roy and Joey, and Tony’s son Peter had already been working in the stores from an early age.

Zuppardo's Back In The Day

Fast forward to today, the next generation is poised and ready to make their mark on the industry. Our new store will have ALL the latest state of the art equipment but will always have ONE foot in the past. We recognize what has made us successful over the last 4 generations, and that is OLD FASHIONED personal service! When you enter our store, you will be treated like FAMILY. For over 90 years now we have established lasting relationships with LOCAL farmers, and purveyors of LOCAL meats, LOCAL seafood and LOCALLY made products of all types.

Being part of this area’s HISTORY has been a great honor for our Family! We hope to continue our long-time legacy of GIVING back to the community we LOVE so much. The Zuppardo Family would like to SINCERELY thank everyone for the privilege of serving over 5 generations of LOCAL citizens. It truly has been a BLESSING for all of us. Remembering the lessons from our past and learning from each PREVIOUS generation and beyond!

Zuppardo's Store Front